Summer In Vegas And Your Garage Door

Over the Easter weekend we have seen he first really nice weather in Las Vegas, with temperatures in the high 80s.  If you got to spend any time at all outside, you probably saw a lot of other people doing the same.  It was a perfect weekend to start preparing for the hotter weather, and getting some of those odd jobs done.  If your garage door lifter isn’t working properly,  it is probably the time to get that fixed.  In addition to obvious repairs that might need done, you should also start to think about the smaller maintenance that will benefit you in the summer.  One such thing is to have the rubber repaired at the door bottom, which can provide a better seal and keep insects or even rodents from getting in.  A better seal will also keep out the Las Vegas heat that happens inside a garage that does not have an insulated door, basically allowing hot air from outside to come in easily.  Losing cooler air from inside your home in a Las Vegas summer is a problem, and taking the small steps will actually save you money in the long run.  Also keep in mind that your garage door opener is functioning in a situation where it is less than perfect weather, basically being asked to perform consistently in an area that is not air conditioned while positioned at the top of a room against the ceiling.  It can be well over 100 degrees in that position in your Las Vegas garage, which is going to cause parts to wear out quickly.

There are maintenance procedures and checks that a professional garage door repair company can do that will prevent bigger issues down the line.  If the motor is being forced to work extra hard in a hot environment because simple maintenance has been neglected, there is a good chance that you will be forced to replace the entire unit instead of a few parts that are worn.  The difference between an entire installation and a few parts can be significant, not to mention the hassles of not having a functioning garage door opener for as long as that replacement takes to complete.  Broken or non-functional garage doors actually pose a safety risk to you and your family as well, as the door will need to be opened manually if the garage is used at all.  This will probably mean that you are leaving it without a lock of any kind while you are at work.  This exposes your house to the potential of being robbed by someone who opens the door and then closes it behind them.  This is a common tactic to rob houses, allowing the thief to work without being seen from the street, and allowing them to pile the things they are stealing into your garage for fast unloading.  Don’t be a victim this year, and don’t pay too much for a complete installation of a new garage door opener when you could simply keep your current one functioning and in good order.  Contact Black Jax Garage Doors today.