Sooner Or Later, You Will Need Garage Door Repair

The climate that we live in as Las Vegas residents is pretty harsh.  No matter how much we try to tell ourselves that living in the desert is great, anything that has to spend the majority of it’s time in the desert heat is going to suffer some damage.  As a result, many companies that offer specific warranties on their products will offer a special version for Las Vegas, because they expect the weather to erode the components faster.  In many cases, your car battery is not warrantied for as long as other areas if you live in Las Vegas, because they expect the heat to kill it far faster than elsewhere.  In a nutshell, we expect our things that are exposed to the elements in Las Vegas to need to be repaired pretty often.  This is true for your garage door and your garage door opener.

Most houses in Las Vegas are made of stucco and painted with light colors because they age better in the sun than other materials.  Most of these homes also have a garage door that is pounded by the sun all day, and is also the first thing that people see when they approach the house.  The doors are made of lightweight metal so that the lifter mechanisms can effectively raise and lower them without burning out the motors, and the doors are then painted with typical outdoor paint.  The sun beating on that door all day long summer after summer is going to turn the paint to dust pretty quickly, and the heat that builds up in the garage during the summer is going to have an effect on the lifter components and rubber seals around the door.  Things are going to wear out quickly from a cosmetic standpoint as well as a functionality standpoint, and you are going to need to expect to have to have garage door repairs done every few years.  If it is just cosmetic and the doors need repainting, we are the company to call.  If it is more in depth and the lifter components have worn out, we are also your company.

In Las Vegas, the idea is to keep the heat out as much as possible.  This means that the rubber that is at the bottom of your garage door does far more than just cushion the door when it goes down.  It helps to keep the weather out so you can reduce your air conditioning bills in your house, and to extend the life span of the moving parts inside your garage door opener.  That rubber is going to rot and dry out, and will need to be replaced in order to keep everything functioning properly.  If you need to replace your garage door rubber, we are the company to call.

Our point is that you are going to need to maintain your garage door and the lifter, and you might need to repair it every now and then too.  This is to be expected because we live in a hot climate, and instead of waiting for it to break, it might be a good idea to call us so that we can maintain it and extend the life span as much as possible.  If you need maintenance or repair, or even if you need your whole garage door replaced, call us today.  We are the best choice for garage door repair in Las Vegas.