Do You Need Garage Door Repair?

Las Vegas is a busy city, and homeowners do not have a lot of extra time that they can spare when things go wrong.  Sometimes the simplest issues can cause major inconveniences, and this is why we need to take some precautions in order to assure that a small issue does not turn into a major one.  For example, let’s consider our garage door and the garage door opener.  These devices are pretty simple, with a metal door made of several pieces connected to a track.  A chain is attached to the top of the door, which runs on a sprocket connected to the lifter engine.  When you push the button on your remote control, the lifter mechanism is engaged and told to lift the door by turning the sprocket, which moves the chain and lifts the door.  There are many moving parts involved in the process, and they all wear out over time and will need to be replaced when they break.  For most people, the total amount of understanding of this process is pushing the button and waiting for the door to go up or down.  If the door fails to move, you check the batteries in the remote to see if they are still good or not.  If they are good, suddenly you realize that you might have a problem on your hands.

Many people take their garage door for granted, and get used to using it to enter their home.  Few people in Las Vegas park the car and get out to go through thr front door, so they stop carrying keys to the house because they never use them.  When you push the button and the chain breaks, or the sprocket breaks, or one of a hundred other parts fails to lift the door, suddenly you realize that you have no other way into the house.  There is no way to unlock the garage door and disengage the release lever on the chain in order to get into the garage, so now you are stuck outside with no way in.  Take the precaution of planning for this mechanical failure and always have a key to another door in your home available, just in case you cannot open the garage door.

If the garage door is broken and you need to get it repaired, get it done as soon as possible.  You have to understand that if your door is broken and you have disengaged the chain so that you can lift it manually, the only thing preventing a thief from entering your home is the door inside the garage.  If you have a garage door that can be lifted manually and there is no way to lock it, you give a potential thief a perfect way to get inside your house and work on the interior door without being noticed.  All of these things must be considered and planned for, because your garage door opener is lifting a heavy metal door several times a day for years on end.  Your garage door is going to break some day and need repaired.  Make usre you keep our number on hand so that you can call us as soon as you notice a problem.  We repair garage doors in Las Vegas.