My Garage Door Is Not Working, What Should I Do?

It is something that just about every home owner will deal with at least a few times over the years.  You come home after a hard days work and pull into your driveway, push the button on the garage door remote and nothing happens.  Chances are the first thing that you will do is hit the button a few more times to see if maybe the remote is simply not having the signal reach.  You will probably take the remote down off the visor or from wherever you keep it, and try pointing it directly at the door from closer range.  If nothing happens at that point, you will probably take the back off the remote and try moving the batteries around to see if maybe that will help.  Finally, you give up and park the car, walk to the front door and go in that way (hopefully you have keys to your front door available and are not one of the people who do not carry keys because you only go in and out through the garage!) Once inside you change the batteries in the remote and go into the garage to test it.  One of two things will happen at this point, either the door will go up and the problem was that the batteries were dead, or the door will not go up and you will need to get the opener or lifter mechanism fixed.  Do a quick scan of the door lifter mechanism to see if the chain has come off the track or if something is causing the wheels to bind up.  If you do not see anything that looks like it is obviously off the track or broken, then you are probably going to have to call in a professional garage door repair service in order to get it working again.

Garage door repair is actually more difficult than it looks.  The actual process is pretty simple, the lifter mechanism responds to a code that is given when you push the button on the remote, causing a gear to be turned which has a chain running on it.  This chain pulls the door up or down on a track, stopping or starting on specific points that you set during the programming phase.  If the door is set to continue trying to push down past the point of contact, damage can be done.  Also, the chain itself must be brought to a point of tension where there is not a lot of slack which would cause noise and slippage, but not too much or it will damage the gear.  The internal workings of the lifter mechanism will wear out over time and eventually break.

Due to the tensions that must be achieved as well as the stress that the parts are under, garage door repair or replacement is not a good idea to try on your own unless you have experience.  It is rated as moderately difficult due to the overhead nature of the units, and can provide a bit of danger as a result.  It is best left to professionals who can get it working for you in no time!