Maintain Your Garage Door Professionally

When your garage door lifter mechanism finally breaks, it creates a lot of inconvenience.  Many people fall into the habit of using their garage door as the entrance to their home, and relying on the door to lift any time you push the button.  There are cases all the time of people who do not even carry keys to their front door any more because they are so used to using the garage door to enter the house, and when a problem prevents that door from opening they are locked out.  It is always a good idea to carry the keys to multiple doors in your home, just in case you would not be able to enter through the one you usually use, and it is also a good idea to have a keypad device installed on the side of the house that can lift your garage door in case the batteries in the remote die, or it is lost for some reason.  There are many things that can go wrong and prevent your remote from working, so it is always good to have a backup plan to get into your home.

Regular maintenance of your garage door and the lifter mechanism can prevent the situations where you are locked out, and also prevent more costly repairs.  You have to realize that your garage door lifter operates in harsh conditions, with the heat of Las Vegas doing no favors to the smooth operation every time you push the button.  The way the lifter works is actually pretty simple, when a remote code is read after you push the button, a gear on the top of the lifter begins to turn.  This gear moves a chain that is connected to the door itself, which goes up or down depending on which direction the chain moves.  There is a tremendous amount of stress on the gears of the lifter as well as the chain, and over time the gear will begin to wear, and the chain will begin to get loose.  You will notice that the door is noisier than it was when it was first installed, this being caused by vibrations of the loosening chain. Eventually, operation of the components as they wear is going to cause the plastic gears to strip or snap completely, or the chain to break.  When this happens, the door is not going to function properly.

In order to avoid the more costly repairs to the lifter mechanism, there are smaller maintenance procedures that can be don involving tightening the chain, re-greasing the bearings and sprockets, and repairing any rubber gaskets that might be drying out.  More than anything, these maintenance items if performed regularly can prevent the hassles of having the garage door break completely, and strand you outside of your home unexpectedly.  The smaller maintenance will also cost far less than a full blown garage door repair or replacement.  Call us today and ask about maintaining your garage door professionally, which will not only keep everything running smoothly, but also help to avoid those more costly repairs.