Is Your Garage Door Broken? Get It Fixed Right Away.

It has happened to all of us, and it will happen to all of us again.  You come home from work and push the button on the garage door remote and nothing happens.  Chances are that you will do the exact same thing as all of the rest of us, starting with checking the batteries in the remote to see if they have gone dead.  You replace the batteries and push the button and nothing happens, so you go into the garage from the house entrance to see what is wrong.  Once inside you push the button and notice that the chain is not moving that will put the door up or down.  If the power to the house has not gone out, then you might need to check the breaker box.  If everything seems ok with the breakers, then it is time to call a garage door repair service like ours.  We will diagnose the issue and get the parts necessary to get the door opener working again as soon as possible.  If you notice any kind of binding happening, or a grinding sound of any kind make sure that you do not press the button again.  Continuing to try opening or closing the door when there is something wrong can cause large amounts of damage to the motor of the unit, and can also cause potential injury if the chain was to snap and drop on you.  Since there are working parts moving overhead, it is important not to try and diagnose the issue yourself, this may cause injury.

Black Jax Garage Doors is one of the most trusted names in the garage door repair industry in Las Vegas.  If you have been experiencing issues with any of the components of your door, or you need some simple maintenance in order to keep he door functioning properly, we can provide service to you.  We are also experts in the complete installation of new opener systems if you need the whole thing replaced.  This includes all the components, the tracks and everything else necessary to get you back to the convenience of a functioning garage door.  We will also be able to come to you in order to give you an honest estimate on the cost and amount of time it will take to complete the job.  We do not bother with the tricks that other companies do, like charging you a fee for the estimate appointment and then only giving it back to you if you choose to have the work done.  Our philosophy is that if you provide honest prices and good work, you do not need to charge for the appointment because people will use you for the repairs.  As a family owned business, we treat people the same way we would like to be treated ourselves.

So if your garage door has stopped working, or if you need an entire installation of a new system, call Black Jax Garage Doors first.  Our goal is to be the most trusted resource for people who need garage door repair in Las Vegas.