How Hard Is It To Repair A Broken Garage Door?

One of the common questions that is asked on search engines is “how difficult is it to repair a broken garage door?” This is because the garage door opening mechanism is relatively simple, and you ca see most of the moving parts right above your head.  Do-it-yourselfers will immediately begin to research how to fix their garage door if it stops working one day, and while it is not necessarily a complicated process to see the broken parts that are causing the problem, it is usually not something that someone would want to spend their time undertaking unless they have experience doing it.  Repairing garage doors is rated as moderately difficult and can have some danger involved because of the overhead nature of the setup, as well as the need to understand how much tension must be placed on the chair in order to insure smooth operation.  Rookie mistakes can lead to damage, like if you set the door drop point too low and the mechanism continues to try to push down after the door bottom has contacted the earth.  The process of repair can be simple or quite involved depending on the cause of the failure to operate.

If there is a simple malfunction like the batteries in the remote have gone dead, there is probably no need to call a garage door repairman.  Simply take the back off the remote and replace the batteries inside.  If the door now goes up when you press the button, then congratulations and you have fixed the problem.  However if something more serious has gone wrong like the chain coming off the track, the chain or gear on the lifter breaking, or the door wheels coming off the track you are going to need a certain amount of expertise in order to repair it.  You are also going to have a certain amount of danger if you were to overtighten the chain or try to work on the internals of the lifter.  These components should not be repaired or replaced by anyone who does not have experience.

The garage door itself is attached to wheels that run on a simple track that is affixed to the walls and ceiling of your garage.  If there has been any damage to any of these parts you are going to have a difficult time repairing them yourself, and you are probably going to need more than one person just to do it.  The pieces must be aligned correctly in order to operate, and if they are not affixed correctly they can actually come loose during operation and fall, causing damage to your cars or your person.  If the chain is too tight or too loose, it can also break or come free causing injury or damage.  Lastly, the lifter mechanism itself is an electrical unit that operates under great stress.  It needs to be able to provide enough strength to lift and close a heavy door made of multiple pieces of metal, so obviously it has enough strength to hurt you.  Do not attempt to do garage door repairs yourself, and always consult the services of a licensed professional.