Garage Door Refinishing In Las Vegas

We all love living in Las Vegas, but lets face it that it is really hot here.  Air conditioning makes our lives completely bearable in the summer, and we essentially spend more time indoors than outdoors when it is really hot out.  This is kind of like the opposite of the east coast, where they spend more time indoors during the cold winter months.  No matter if it is easy to adapt to the weather for humans and animals or not, there are special circumstances that come with living in a harsh environment that must be considered.  One of the main aspects of desert life is that anything that is continually exposed to the sun is going to fade and break down.  The exteriors of our homes are especially vulnerable, and because of this we will mostly see surfaces that are built to last in the pounding sun.  Our homes are mostly built of stucco and tile roofs, because these types of materials have proven to withstand the heat better, and will need less maintenance over time than wood or painted surfaces.  This will generally extend the amount of time in between paintings of your entire house, but unfortunately there are going to be other areas that are not going to fare as well.  Your garage door is one of them.

Even though we construct our Las Vegas homes out of materials that fare better in the heat than others, we still will generally have garage doors installed that are made of metal and painted.  We need a certain amount of security that is provided by the metal, and a certain amount of convenience that is provided by the ability for these doors to be lifted by an automatic lifter.  If you make the doors too heavy, the motor of the lifter will burn out.  This means that you are generally going to find our doors being made of a light weight metal and then painted with standard paint in order to match the color scheme of the house.  Because the garage door is generally not shaded in any way, the sun beats on it all day long and quickly turns that paint to dust.  You can expect to need to refinish your garage door at least every 10 years, if not sooner.  If the door directly faces the sun at the hottest times, it might only last a few years before refinishing is necessary.

The refinishing of a garage door in Las Vegas may be as simple as resurfacing the existing door and then repainting it, or it may be more involved.  The paint may need to be stripped, and in some cases the garage door itself is going to need to be repaired or replaced if it has been damaged in any way over the years.  Most people who park in a driveway will sooner or later drive into and dent the door, so when you are refinishing it should be the time to take care of these issues, either cosmetic or functional.  The time of refinishing should also be the time when the mechanics of the lifter are gone through to see if anything is wearing out and needs replaced.

If you live in Las Vegas or Henderson and would like to refresh the look of your home by refinishing your garage door, contact us for a free quote.  We do not require deposits or a fee to come out and talk to you.  We are your best choice for garage door repair, garage door replacement or installation, and garage door refinishing.