Don’t Try To Repair Your Garage Door Yourself

There are lots of home projects that it is worth getting into and doing yourself.  With some tools and a willingness to get a little dirty, there are plenty of projects that home owners face all the time that can end up saving a little money if you are willing to put in the work.  Garage door repair usually isn’t one of these types of projects, because it can be quite difficult and many times require more than one person in order to accomplish the tasks the right way.  While it is not impossible to repair your door yourself, it is generally one of the jobs that is best left to a professional.

The anatomy of a garage door opener mechanism can easily be analyzed to see the potentially dangerous areas.  First and foremost, the pieces that generally need the most attention for repair are overhead, and working above your own head always involves an increased risk of injury.  The chain mechanism and gears that rotate the chain which lifts the door are all under high stress, which means that being close or underneath these elements when the door is being operated can cause them to break and come directly down onto you, creating serious injury.  Lastly, the door lifter itself is a machine that operates under heavy loads and is also suspended from the garage ceiling.  The parts that wear out or break inside these machines are not usually easy to repair, and most of the time will need replacement.  Working with unfamiliar gear pieces and electrical components always presents a risk of injury.

While injury itself is always a concern, one of the main aspects to consider with regards to repairing your garage door is how much your time is worth.  Most people have little to no experience with a garage door opener as they are so rarely involved with the way it works.  A repair of a garage door is going to take several hours to do, and will involve ordering parts that you are probably not sure are correct.  There will be a large amount of learning involved to understand how the system works and what is wrong with it, and an even steeper learning curve to figure out how to fix it.  If the system needs replaced, there is nearly no way to do it yourself, and if you end up doing it wrong it could literally break and have pieces fall from the ceiling damaging your cars parked underneath.  With all of this said, a professional garage door repair company can diagnose the issue and generally get the job done in nearly no time, as soon as the parts that are needed can be received.  Because a professional is used to looking at the inner workings of a garage door system, we will be able to repair it far faster and generally with less expense on parts than you ever could yourself.  So if it is going to be difficult, cost a lot and be potentially dangerous, isn’t it worth just calling a pro?